The house

A gastro-centric concept, Boiler & Co is a specialist cocktail bar and restaurant that focuses in equal measure on the craft of mixology and the culinary skills of the chef.

Our bold flavours are born out of the love from caramel-coloured beverages that get their depth from the boilers they are made in. Think beer, whisky, and coffee to name a few. But, don’t let preconceptions fool you. We’ve taken these traditionally gendered flavours and put a unique spin on them to stretch your palate beyond belief. We’re here to push the boundaries.

With roots firmly planted in British soil, ours dishes pay homage to local ingredients whilst drawing inspiration on global flavor influences that make London the cultural  capital of the world. Our menu is the brainchild of our famed and celebrated chef Kerth Gumbs. Whose impressive tasting menu will feature small plates paired with crafted cocktails from our award-winning mixologists.  When it comes to drinking and dining with us, you’ve got to expect the unexpected.

Boiler & Co will boost an innovative food and drinks menu, unparalleled service and an ambiance driven by live djs and entertainment to make every night a unique experience. 

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The people

The ideas started on the back of a bar napkin, Boiler & Co is a culmination of three hospitality veterans who live, eat and breathe their industry, who finally decided it’s time to give back their learnings and experiences over the last decades.

With genuine hospitality at the core of our vaules, we open our door to anyone that is looking for a safe, warm and ambient space in which they can relax and enjoy good food and drinks with friends, family and colleagues. 

The staff are engaging and fun, the manager lead the service, making friends with guests and memories within the walls. The music is funky, contemporary but rooted in the history and genres of music through the era’s.

The philosphy

The name itself stems from tradition, drawing inspiration for the bold, steaming boilers found in boiler houses, or boiler rooms, the places where magic happens. 

Playing on the steam created during the process of these machine in operation, much like that of a brewery, distillery or a coffee roasters.

Boiler and Company embraces everyone’s crafts all over the world – the fashion designers, the beer-makers, the whisky distillers, the farmers, the entrepreneurs. Positioning itself at the forefront of sustainability, you will see our closed loops, London living wage certification, social initiatives and hyper-localisation of supply chain.

Our open-source blueprints will make Boiler & Company a synonym of transparency, high-quality, socially responsible and profitable operations.


The product


Boiler and Company is a true reflection of the modern day bar with unique touches, through a service style and presentation that is playful and confident, yet relaxed and unpretentious.

The beverage program features house cocktails showcasing locality, sustainability, and creativity. 

breakfast, lunch & DINNER

The food menu will feature passionately composed dishes inspired by British cuisine with a focus on high quality, fresh ingredients, the use of local produce, contemporary cooking methods, any eye-catching presentation.

The dinner menu will feature creative a la carte options for breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to a tasting menu experience by Kerth Gumbs. 

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