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The house

Boiler and Company is a casual-premium hospitality brand, its essence is born out of the love from caramel-coloured libations. All those whimsical products result of Boilers like Beer, Whisky and Coffee to name a few, but don’t let preconceptions fool you. A brand born in today’s terms, is a gender fluid place with high quality food and drink, with British roots, paying homage to local ingredients and the global flavour influences that make London a cultural world capital.

In essence, Boiler and Company is a cool bar & lounge that serves up quality in all aspects. Everything you ever want from a bar. Great drinks, food, service and music.

Boiler and Company will be home to an innovative cocktail programme, unparalleled service and ambiance with live DJ’s and award winning bartenders at the helm.

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The people

Like most brands and businesses, the ideas started on the back of bar napkin. Boiler and Company is a culmination of three hospitality veterans who live, eat and breathe their industry, who finally decided it’s time to give back their learnings and experiences over the last decades.

With genuine hospitality at the core of our vaules, we open our door to anyone that is looking for a safe, warm and ambient space in which they can relax and enjoy good food and drinks with friends, family and colleagues. 

The staff are engaging and fun, the manager lead the service making friends with guests and memories within the walls. The music is funky, contemporary but rooted in the history and genres of music through the era’s. 


The philosphy

The name itself stems from tradition, drawing inspiration for the bold, steaming boilers found in boiler houses, or boiler rooms. 
Playing on the steam created during the process of these machine in operation, much like that of a brewery, distillery or a coffee roasters. A homage to our brewed libations if you may.

Boiler and Company embraces everyone’s crafts all over the world – the fashion designers, the beer-makers, the whisky distillers, the bankers, the entrepreneurs. Positioning itself at the forefront of sustainability, you will see closed loops, staff mental health support, social initiatives and hyper-localisation of its supply chain.

Our open-source blueprints will make Boiler and Company a synonym of transparency, high-quality, socially responsibility and profitable operations


The product


Boiler and Company will open it’s door bright and early each morning to service the London commuters on the daily grind. Proudly serving up some of the best coffee in the area with a true love and dedication to the source, traditions, service rituals and Standard of our coffee offering. 

With freshly made pastries available over the counter, guest can grab and go or dine in with a full breakfast menu available for those with a little more time on their hands. Think mixed fruit pancakes, eggs Benedict, homemade granola, avocado on a sourdough bread and more.


We do lunch too! In prime location for surrounding businesses, our lunch offering will be a hunger busting combination on health conscious dishes and the more playful, belt busters from crisp palate cleansing chicken Caesar salad to honey mustard pastrami sandwich and shoestring fries.


A more informal dinner service than your typical restaurant, we will serve up a tapas menu to write home about. 

The food will be served in a sharing manner and paired to meet the overarching flavours of the cocktail menu, the beer and the whisky. 

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