A gastro-centric concept, Boiler & Company is a specialist cocktail bar and restaurant that focuses in equal measure on the craft of our expert mixologists and the culinary skills of our talented kitchen team.

The bold flavours that featured across all our menus are born out of our love of caramel-coloured beverages that get their depth from the boilers they are made in. Think beer, whisky, and coffee to name a few. 

Take a look at our menus for a taste of what to expect from your Boiler & Company experience.


Cocktails and Drinks

Our bespoke drinks menu sets to challenge perceptions and spark intrigue and conversation. Our mixologists are constantly finding new and innovative ways to delight our customers – combining traditional ingredients with cutting edge, modern techniques to create something truly unique.


Bold flavours and innovation continue to run through our food menus. Featuring locally sourced, seasonal produce, our kitchen team showcases the very finest ingredients the UK has to offer combining them in exciting ways – enhancing dishes with flavours from across the globe to reflect the wonderful mix of cultures our great city enjoys.

Please note: food is currently being served from 12 – 10pm Tuesday to Saturday. 


Coffee is the most important part of starting your day well, nothing else can set the tone quite like it. We are proud to offer Carbon Negative Coffee that’s not only great for our environment, but tastes superb as well. Our belief is that great coffee is an art form – our highly trained baristas pour their passion into every cup.

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